June 21-23, 2024


The forum will be held on June 21-23 in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, and will bring together representatives of cities from the BRICS+ countries on one platform to exchange experiences in the field of municipal development.
Participants will enjoy a varied excursion program, acquaintance with the traditions of Tatar culture and national cuisine, as well as participation in festival events dedicated to the national holiday ‘Sabantuy’.

Within the framework of the Forum, the Founding Meeting of the BRICS+ Association of Cities and Municipalities will be held.
Strengthening and establishing new twin city relations between cities of the BRICS+ countries
Exchange best practices in urban development
Increasing capacity and efficiency of local self-government in the BRICS+ countries
  • Intermunicipal cooperation
  • Urban diplomacy
  • Urban management
  • Citizen safety
  • Dialogue and cooperation within BRICS+
  • Efficiency of local self-government in BRICS+ countries
  • Environmental sustainability of the urban environment
June 21, Friday
Ceremony of twinning agreement signing (on a separate list)
Location: Kazan City Hall, 33 Karl Marks str., white hall
Session of the Founding Meeting of the BRICS+ Association of Cities and Municipalities
Adoption of the Declaration
Location: Kazan City Hall, 33 Karl Marks str., column hall
The Opening Ceremony of the International Forum of the BRICS+ Cities
Location: Kazan City Hall, 33 Karl Marks str., column hall
June 22, Saturday
Presentation “Cities of the Future: New Dimensions. Innopolis”
Location: City of Innopolis
Sviyazhsk city tour
The opening of the Alley of the BRICS+ cities
Venue: Kazan Fair Exhibition Center, Orenburg tract str., 8
June 23, Sunday
Visiting farmsteads of the Tatarstan regions
Participation in festive events dedicated to the national holiday “Sabantuy”
Round table «Afanasy Nikitin and his legacy. Diplomacy of traveling in time and space»
Discussion session "Global Cooperation of Local Communities: Establishing the BRICS+ Association of Cities and Municipalities" with Margarita Simonyan (on a separate list)
Location: Kazan City Hall, 33 Karl Marks str., column hall
Sightseeing tour of Kazan with a visit to the Kazan Kremlin
Dear friends, colleagues!
Greetings to all participants and guests of the International Forum of Cities of the BRICS+ Countries!

This year, the Russian Federation took up the baton of BRICS chairmanship, and the BRICS+ format is an example of effective interaction, which is built on the principles of mutual trust, respect and interest in achieving results for the benefit of developing economies and improving the lives of citizens of the countries of the association and their partners.

We are proud that the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, hospitable Kazan, has the honor of hosting and organizing significant events along the lines of unification.

Today, when BRICS acts as the most important international platform and also attracts more and more supporters and like-minded people, reasons and opportunities have emerged for the formation of new horizontal institutions.
Mayor of Kazan
Ilsur Metshin
Literally located in the center of Russia, Kazan is a kind of bridge between Western and Eastern civilization, the Christian and Muslim worlds. In Kazan, people of more than 115 nationalities live in an atmosphere of friendliness and tolerance. This is a multi-confessional city, home to mosques, Orthodox churches, Lutheran churches, Catholic chapels, Jewish synagogues and other places of worship.
About Kazan
Kazan is a city with a thousand-year history and rich culture, located on the left bank of the Volga River, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, the largest city in the Volga region, an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Russia, home to more than 1.3 million people. The city has the title "The Third Capital of Russia".
About the BRICS+ Association of cities and municipalities
The mission of the Association is to speak with a single voice on the development of local self-government through cooperation between local authorities of the BRICS+ countries.

The Association aims to provide its members with a platform for discussing the most important aspects of inter-municipal cooperation, sharing best practices, research and knowledge regarding the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals on the ground, countering the challenges associated with the rapid process of urbanization.

The Association will facilitate the accelerated implementation by the BRICS+ countries of existing commitments, principles, goals and actions set out in various international documents, as well as specific regional documents related to each of the BRICS+ countries.
The forum was organized by the Kazan City Hall together with the International Association “UCLG Eurasia”
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