Dear friends, colleagues!
Greetings to all participants and guests of the International Forum of Cities of the BRICS+ Countries!

This year, the Russian Federation took up the baton of BRICS chairmanship, and the BRICS+ format is an example of effective interaction, which is built on the principles of mutual trust, respect and interest in achieving results for the benefit of developing economies and improving the lives of citizens of the countries of the association and their partners.

We are proud that the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, hospitable Kazan, has the honor of hosting and organizing significant events along the lines of unification.

Today, when BRICS acts as the most important international platform and also attracts more and more supporters and like-minded people, reasons and opportunities have emerged for the formation of new horizontal institutions.
In the modern realities of international relations, there is an urgent need to create an Association of Cities and Municipalities of the BRICS+ Countries, which will facilitate not only the exchange of best practices, but also the optimal selection of partners for the implementation of international projects that are consistent with the common goals and programs of the BRICS.

I am confident that the International Forum of Cities of the BRICS+ Countries will be able to become a new effective platform for promoting the values ​​of a multipolar world.

I wish all guests and participants of the Forum health, success and fruitful activities for the benefit of strengthening ties between our cities and municipalities!
Mayor of Kazan
Ilsur Metshin
The forum was organized by the Kazan City Hall together with the International Association “UCLG Eurasia”
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